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Our vision is to help homeowners within our community to sell their homes quickly when they need it the most.  Whatever the circumstances may be, we are here to find creative solutions that can help every party involved.  We are a company of integrity and we thrive on finding win/win solutions for everyone we can.  If you or someone you know is in a situation and you need to sell a home, please contact us.  We can close quickly and we have a great team to work with.

Meet The Team:


Dana bought her first investment property in 2002.  After that she was hooked!  In 2006 she began managing 175+ rental properties for a local investor.  Over the years of maintaining and flipping the rentals and having a knack for it, she decided to try her hand at fixing and flipping.  In 2014 Dana started her own business.  She has since flipped a couple a year, but has a goal to "up the ante"... so, volume it is!  60 flips in 2019 or bust!

Jesse went to Old Dominion University and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  He has experience in Marine Construction and Civil Engineering.  In 2006 he left the engineering world and became the Vice President of a property management business.  He oversaw all of the maintenance on the properties.  Jesse loves the Real Estate Investment world, but he also has a love for helping others.  He now works as a Firefighter/EMT for his full time job.  

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